What Does BOB Stand for in Martial Arts?

The BOB or body opponent bag is ideal for self defense practice. It is a free standing bag. It allows you to attack as if it was a real human being. You have the ability to go for accurate hits to specific areas of the body. This is not your typical heavy bag. BOB – Body Opponent Bag BOB is an abbreviation that stands for body opponent bag. BOB is a life-like mannequin and free standing punch bag suitable for sparring and target practice. Its material and weight is designed to resemble a real human opponent more than the traditional punch bag. It is also called a fighting dummy.

Coverings and Fillings of Punch Bags

A heavy bag has the typical long cylindrical shape. Whether it is free standing or hanging. There are different weights, fills and coverings. The coverings are vinyl, leather or canvas. The fills are water, sand, and fiber. Among these it can be a hard or soft fill. The difference in fillers will affect your body accordingly. The softer fillers will be more gentle with your bones and joints. The harder filler will jar them just as hard as you hit the bag.

Free Standing Bags

Just like heavy bags, BOBs in general are excellent for working out and practicing punches and kicks. They allow you to increase endurance, speed and power. Unlike the bags that hang from the ceiling a free standing bag can be moved to wherever you like. At the end of the workout it is easy to put away or be pushed into a corner out of the way. Whether hanging or free standing, neither one gives the feel of hitting another person. Nor are you able to practice hitting a specific area.

BOB Material

BOB is made of plastisol. The feel most resembles hitting another person. It is filled with urethane foam. Its base may be filled with water or sand. When filled it weighs in at 270 pounds. The height is adjustable. In six inch increments it can be moved from 60″ up to 78″. The plastisol is shaped like a man. It has a fully formed head, neck, shoulders and torso.

Aim for Special Body Areas with a BOB

Unlike with a real person, you can practice breaking a nose repeatedly. You can hit the adam’s apple and target the heart or shoulders. Punch and kick the head and chin while improving your form, accuracy, speed and power.

Closing Thoughts About BOBs

Another model of the BOB – body opponent bag – has all of the above but includes the area between the waist and the upper thighs. In addition to targeting the eyes you can practice hits and kicks to the groin and hips. The manufacturer’s have given it a face that just motivates you to hit him.”,

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