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Weltverbände / World Sanctioning Bodies
WBAWorld Boxing AssociationWTBFWorld Tournament Boxing Federation
WBCWorld Boxing CouncilGBCGlobal Boxing Council
WAAWorld Athletic AssociationIBBInternational Boxing Board
IBFInternational Boxing FederationUNIBOXUNIBOX
GBOGlobal Boxing OrganizationUBOUniversal Boxing Organization
UBAUniversal Boxing AssociationNABCNorth American Boxing Council [World]
WBOWorld Boxing OrganizationWFCWorld Fight Club
WBFWorld Boxing FoundationWBBureauWorld Boxing Bureau
IBCInternational Boxing CouncilWCOWorld Combat Organization
NBANational Boxing Association [World]WBFed.World Boxing Federation
IBOInternational Boxing OrganizationWBC/WPCWorld Boxing Commission
WBBWorld Boxing Board [Texas]UNBCUniversal Boxing Council [USA]
WBLWorld Boxing League [Florida]WBLWorld Boxing League [Russia]
WBUWorld Boxing Union [GB]IBCInternational Boxing Circuit
IBUInternational Boxing UnionUBUUniversal Boxing Union
IBAInternational Boxing AssociationWCUWorld Combat Union
TWBATranscontinental World Boxing AssociationWPBFWorld Professional Boxing Federation
UBFUniversal Boxing FederationIBLInternational Boxing League
GBUGlobal Boxing UnionWSBWorld Series of Boxing
PBOPeoples Boxing OrganizationWPBOWorld Pro Boxing Organization
UBCUniversal Boxing CouncilGBAll.Global Boxing Alliance
WJBFWorld Junior Boxing FederationIBAll.International Boxing Alliance
WBSWorld Boxing SyndicateWBU (D)World Boxing Union [D]
WCOBWorld Cup of BoxingPBUPro Boxing Union
WBEWorld Boxing EmpireWBForumWorld Boxing Forum
GBFGlobal Boxing FederationCODAChampions of Dignity Association
WBNWorld Boxing NetworkWBBWorld Boxing Board [Puerto Rico]
WBIWorld Boxing InstituteIBSIndependent Boxing Syndicate
WBCCWorld Boxing Championship CommitteeWBU (US)World Boxing Union [US]
GBAGlobal Boxing Association
WUBAWorld United Boxing Association

Frauenweltverbände / Womens World Sanctioning Bodies
WIBFWomens International Boxing Federation
IFBAInternational Female Boxers Association
IWBFInternational Womens Boxing Federation
WIBAWomens International Boxing Association
WIBCWomens International Boxing Council
WIBUWomens International Boxing Union
WIBOWomens International Boxing Organization
WPBAWomens Professional Boxing Association

Gewichtsklassen / Weightclasses
Gewicht / WeightKlassen / Classes
200+ lbs / 90,72+ kgSchwer / Heavy
200 lbs / 90,72 kgLeichtschwer / Cruiser
175 lbs / 79,38 kgHalbschwer / Lightheavy
168 lbs / 76,20 kgSupermittel / Supermiddle
160 lbs / 72,58 kgMittel / Middle
154 lbs / 69,85 kgSuperwelter-Jr.mittel / Jr.middle
147 lbs / 66,68 kgWelter
140 lbs / 63,50 kgSuperleicht / Superlight -Jr.welter
135 lbs / 61,24 kgLeicht / Light
130 lbs / 58,97 kgSuperfeder-Jr.leicht / Superfeather-Jr.light
126 lbs / 57,15 kgFeder / Feather
122 lbs / 55,34 kgSuperbantam-Jr.feder / Jr. feather
118 lbs / 53,52 kgBantam
115 lbs / 52,16 kgSuperfliegen / Superfly -Jr.bantam
112 lbs / 50,80 kgFliegen / Fly
108 lbs / 48,99 kgHalbfliegen / Jr.fly
105 lbs / 47,63 kgMinifliegen-Stroh-Minimum / Minifly-Straw-Minimum

Urteile / Decisions
Urteil / DecisionBeschreibung / Description
Unanimous DecisionAll 3 judges are in agreement as to the winner of a fight
Majority Decision2 judges award a fighter the decision, 1 judge has the fight a draw
Split Decision2 judges scores the fight for one boxer, 1 judge scores for the otherone
Majority Draw2 judges have the fight a draw, 1 judge awards the bout to one of the boxers