Boxing Accessories

Boxing Accessories

If you are a beginner at boxing or just further exploring the sport, you may be puzzled by all the different accessories and pieces of equipment used during the trainings. This website serves to explain you what are the most important boxing accessories, and to make you understand how these training tools work as simple as possible.

Boxing Apparel

Boxing apparel (or boxing clothing) is available for workouts as well as competition. There are a number of companies that produce sizes for men, women and kids. Some companies also offer a line of apparel in youth sizes. Women’s apparel, in particular, comes in a wide variety of colors and styles. Boxers who will be competing in USA Boxing amateur bouts, or who hope to be, should buy apparel which meets that organization’s standards.

Boxing Gloves

Boxing gloves are padded gloves that boxers wear on their hand for protection during boxing matches and exercises. Unlike other “fist-loads” that were originally developed as deadly weapons, boxing gloves today are purely non-lethal, intended only to protect the fighter’s hand and the opponent’s head during a match. A typical boxing glove is made of a thick foam filled material that provides padding and protection to the hand and forearm. Though they are the most commonly used gloves in boxing, they have evolved into more than just a protective gear.

Boxing Hand Wraps

Boxing hand wraps are an essential piece of equipment for anyone who boxes, no matter how casually. A properly wrapped hand protects it from injury to the bones and tendons and supports the wrist and thumb. Handwraps are available in 120 inch lengths for smaller hands, and 180 inch lengths for larger hands. It is important that the handwrap be tight enough to protect the hand and stay in place, but not so tight that it interferes with circulation. It takes some practice to get it right. Handwraps can be machine washed, but have a tendency to become tangled. It is better to put them in a small nylon or mesh bag first, and then put them in the machine. Hang them up afterward to dry.

Boxing Knuckle Pads

Boxing training facilities are always trying to find new and innovative ways to get their fighters ready for their big events. As far as hand wraps are concerned, most trainers will agree that they have been doing the same thing for decades now and there’s no need for them to change. Boxing experts around the country are trying hard to find better ways of preparing their athletes to avoid injury and increase the level of competition between them. Even though it’s a relatively new technology, using boxing knuckle pads has proven to be an effective for several fighters.

Boxing Trunks

Boxing trunks are an important category of underwear usually worn by boxers, martial artists during their day to day activities. The trunks are designed in such a way that they will provide a great deal of support and maneuverability when one engages in a bout of boxing or any other sport, without interfering with the normal movement of the limbs. In fact, there are some boxers who prefer to use boxer shorts instead of regular briefs. There are important details regarding these boxing shorts, including some pointers on how to buy them.

Boxing Shoes

When you start boxing, you come to understand the significance of many different pieces of equipment, including boxing shoes. You definitely don’t go very far without an excellent pair boxing shoes. Proper footwork, thus proper boxing shoes, are essential parts of boxing performance. A good pair of boxing shoes will protect your feet, ankles, legs, and even ankles while punching, so it is worth investing in a quality pair that has the right fit and protection. It is worth to read some tips to help you find the best pair of boxing shoes for your needs.

Protective Equipment

Whether you are hit on the head or body, these injuries can and do happen to anyone of any age who is boxing. Luckily, there are a few things that you can do to protect yourself when you step into the ring or gym. Protective equipment for boxing aim to alleviate the damage caused by the power of punches. There are several different such kind of protectors and they can be differentiated depending on the areas they protect: there are body protectors, groin protectors, chest protectors, boxing mouth guards, protective headgear.

Body Protectors

Body protectors are used in boxing by both trainers and trainees. They are designed with thick padding that protects the wearer from injury and absorbs the force of the punches. Coaches and trainers wear them in the ring when working with a student on body punches or with punching mitts. Boxers use them when sparring. When shopping for a protector, look for one that not only protects the body but also gives the wearer full range of movement. Models range from those that protect the midsection of the body, to protectors that protect the shoulders and collar bone as well.

Groin and Chest Protectors

A boxing protective cup is one of the most important types of protecting equipment. This type of gear, also known as groin protectors protect the boxer’s groin area and also prevents genitals from getting hurt. The problem with a lot of amateur boxers is that sometimes unintentional punches arrive under the waistline, and may cause severe damage. These protectors serve to take away from that damage. There are some quick pointers that should make it easier for you to understand how it works.

Chest protectors are mostly used by female fighters in order to protect the chest region and the ribs from the impact of the punches.

Boxing Mouth Guard

A boxing mouth guard plays an important part in a boxing game. It was probably at least 70 years since its inception, probably, at the time of its creation, since the early 20th century. Early boxers employed gum or cotton filled in the mouth with a little piece of wood or a slice of rubber. These different mouthpieces have come a long way and today there are a number of designs of mouth guard types which are used by professional and amateur boxers.

Boxing Headgear

Boxing headgear is a padded helmet worn during actual sparring in the various martial arts practiced throughout the world. The headgear protects the fighter’s skull from injury by protecting it from impact to the head, face, and body. It is often made of durable breathable fabric and features several padding layers for extra protection. They are often custom-fitted to the fighter’s head after the order is placed down through the athletic trainer or physician. Though the head gear may seem like a relatively small part of the overall outfit, they go a long way in terms of protecting the fighter’s head.

Boxing Bags

Punching Bags

A punching bag is a heavy bag designed for repeated punching. The bag’s punching strength depends on the weight and force with which the bag is struck, as well as its size and shape. A boxing heavy bag can weigh up to 400 pounds and is often constructed with concrete or reinforced steel rods (to hold the weight). A heavy bag can be found in many public gyms, and used by many professional and amateur boxers and street fighters.

Free Standing Heavy Bags and Heavy Bag Stands

Heavy bags in public gyms are typically hung from the ceiling. While some people can do this in their home gyms as well, often it is simply not feasible. Rather than do without a punching bag, free standing heavy bags and heavy bag stands provide the solution.

Uppercut Bag

An uppercut bag serves to specifically practice low punches like uppercuts in boxing and martial arts. Uppercut bags may have different shapes and designs, and can be made of different materials. These bags are excellent to improve strength, power, coordination and punching techniques.

BOB – Body Opponent Bag

The popular BOB – Body Opponent Bag is a life-size mannequin with a realistic skin used for several decades now – they are becoming even more lifelike with each upgraded model, with improved materials and realistic body designs. They are top choices for target practice or sparring techniques. As all heavy bags, these fighting dummies require an assembly process, too.

Speed Bags or Striking Bags

Speed bags are training tools that are created specifically to increase the speed and force with which a boxer punches, striking an opponent or an object. There are several different types of speed bags, and they are manufactured to increase punching speed, strength and to develop punching technique.

Boxing Training Equipment

Medicine Balls

Boxing medicine balls are used to improve core strength, as well as enhancing stronger and faster punches. They may weigh between 2 to even 100 pounds (1-50 kgs), and have different diameters or shapes, even handles. There are different forms of exercises and drills to achieve performance improvement.

Boxing Gear Bag

If you work out at a gym, or ever need to take your equipment out of the house, you’ll find that having a boxing gear bag is one of your best investments. These bags are designed to carry all of your gear neatly and safely. Look for a bag that’s durable and has a separate compartment for a water bottle. Lined wet pockets to hold your used workout clothes is a great feature, providing protection to other items which may be damaged by the moisture.

Jump Ropes

Jump ropes are a popular tool in the sport of skip rope or jumping rope in which one jumps repeatedly over a tight rope swung on both ends so that it goes under the feet and above the head. Boxing jumper ropes are for boxers who are always on the go to push the physical workout to the next level. Jumping rope drills serve to improve speed, footwork, agility and stamina required for professional boxing. Jumping ropes need a basic setup, as the practicer should adjust to length and handle of the rope to fit his or her physical features.

Boxing Training Pads

If you have ever trained in the boxing environment then you have seen the benefits that boxing training pads can offer to your fighter during training. The boxing training pads are designed to improve fighting techniques, and helps the boxer to fine-tune the punching movements with a sparring partner or a boxing coach. They are not so much about absorbing high-impact punches, but for perfecting fighting skills and synchronizing advanced techniques like the pivot, the bob and the weave.

Boxing Ring Ropes

Boxing ropes are used in most boxing gyms where you can learn basic kicks and punches. A boxing ring is a space encircled where a boxing match or sparring happens. Ring ropes come in different weights and lengths and there is a specific length for each. The longer the rope, the lower it will extend, and the heavier it gets. It’s a nice thing to have boxing ring ropes in your arsenal!

Boxing ring ropes with a blur spotlight

Closing Thoughts

We hope that our list of boxing accessories has been comprehensive enough, and that you learned everything that you came for. We try to further explore the sport on our site, so be sure to read everything that you find interesting.