A Beginners Guide to Boxing Ropes

If you’re thinking about boxing, or if you already box and are planning to enter a boxing match, you’ve probably heard of boxing ring ropes. Boxing rings have a lot more to do with a boxing match than just a ring. It’s a sport that involves many components other than just punching bags. There are two major components to boxing that you must have if you want to box a match. Those are your gloves and your boxing ring.

Boxing Ropes Dimensions

Most boxing ring ropes will be around twenty feet wide. Ring rope dimensions are dependent on the actual size of your boxing ring platform. When ordering, always remember to take into consideration what size ring platform you got. Around one of the corners the ropes are usually red, and on the other side the corner is blue.


Good boxing ring ropes are made out of heavy-duty polyester webbing and canvas. Polyester is a more flexible fabric, while the canvas is a sturdier and more durable material. Canvas is often used for boxing ring floors because it is both a hard wearing and responsive medium. For ring platforms, rings made from canvas are great because they’re very easy to move and store. Also, the canvas is completely movable, so you can put the boxing ring anywhere in your home or gym.

Professional boxing ring ropes can be made from a variety of materials including polyester, cotton, vinyl, and Spandex. Each type of material has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, cotton rope is a very soft, comfortable, and breathable fabric. However, it is also very strong and will stretch to an almost endless extent, but it can get too sweaty for training and competing.

Plastic tubing is also used in many of the boxing ropes. The boxing ropes made from plastic beads are the cheapest of the various plastic ropes. However, the plastic beads can break easily. Boxing rope handles can also be made from different materials depending on where the handle is to be used. For example, handles made from carbon fiber or leather are much stronger than handles made from nylon.

The Ring and The Ropes

Boxing ring ropes are an essential item in the arsenal of any boxer. These rings consist of ring ropes made of either metal or foam that surrounds a metal base. A heavy fabric piece is wrapped around the ring and then fabric straps or chains are added to the ring in order to secure it to the base. This is how the boxing ropes are worn as they allow the boxers to move freely in the ring but do not let them fall off or risk slipping off the top of the ring. After being used several times in a training session, it is wise for a boxer to clean the ring ropes and the floor before the next training session to avoid leaving any dirt or other residue on the ring.

Boxing Ring Ropes Should Stretch

When purchasing boxing ring ropes you need to be sure that they are specifically designed for use with boxing rings. There are many varieties available, and all are meant to stretch to fit the rings perfectly. These can be found at your local sporting goods store or online.

Boxing Ring Rope Setup

A basic set of boxing ropes consist of four ropes; a b, c and d. Each rope has an end that will bend around into a loop. This loop or tensioner is then attached to the corner sections of rope. Separators or spacers are also used to keep the distance between the ropes.

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