Why Do Boxers Wear Hand Wraps?

Boxing hand wraps is a very common phrase within the martial arts community. Normally, handwraps are made from cotton. Almost all fighters use hand wraps. Hand wraps are used to protect the fighter’s hand while punching, and to soften the impact made on the fighter’s hand. Most fighters today know that boxer hand wraps can also increase the strength of their fists.

There are many types of hand wraps such as the Mexican hand wraps, but today we’re going to cover traditional boxing hand wraps.

Why Are Boxing Hand Wraps Necessary?

Most professional boxers use hand wraps because they protect the hands, and for a boxer the most important weapon in the ring is his punches, so it’s very important to protect them. The hand wraps also help to protect the surface of the skin. The skin damage in some cases can be very dangerous since it can cause infections, or other damage in the future.

And of course, just like the MMA shorts gives you the MMA-style appear, the boxing hand wraps gives you a cool boxer style.

Tying Boxing Hand Wraps

We figure it will be much easier to show you a video we found on YouTube. Check out: „How to tie hand wraps?”.

It is similar to doctors wrapping a hand or arm when it is broken. Hopefully, nobody’s hand will be broken when wrapped in these boxing hand wraps.


As you figure, boxing hand wraps are very important to anyone boxing, or in any other martial arts. It can give you a big advantage over your opponents. An important issue you should know – if you have boxing gloves, you should buy boxing hand wraps, too, as the gloves do give protection to the bones, but it cannot absorb the whole damage caused to the arm.

The use of the hand-wraps also gives you support to the wrist and the thumbs, and even more importantly, if you, by accident, made a wrong move and punched your opponent with the wrong angle, the handwraps provide you resistance for the fingers in addition to the gloves.

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