How Do You Pick a Boxing Heavy Bag?

Within the world of boxing, heavy bags are almost iconic. When looking to buy a heavy bag, you have to keep a number of things in mind.

When buying a boxing heavy bag, think about the optimal weight and size of the bag compared to the trainee’s body weight and size, and also training goals. It is also important, if the bag will be used indoors or outdoors, and the method of suspension, should the bag be hanged or free standing. Choose heavy bag with a quality material and bag brand.

Important Heavy Bag Features

Bag Suspension

Boxing bags can be suspended from the ceiling, free standing or hung on a punching bag stand. The weight of the boxing bag and the type of ceiling support available must be considered before you buy a hanging heavy bag.

Outdoor Boxing Bags

An outdoor boxing bag must be able to withstand the elements. Bags with canvas exteriors tend to work best outside.

Suitable for Other Martial Arts As Well

A heavy bag is an excellent piece of conditioning equipment for MMA, karate and other martial arts training as well.

Quality Brands

Good quality heavy bags are not cheap. They’re an investment in your fitness and your sport. Rely on manufacturers you can trust. Don’t buy an unknown brand just because it’s cheap. The bag won’t last. A variety of excellent heavy bags are offered for sale by Ringside, Title and Fairtex, TKO and Wavemaster among them.

Bag Materials

The exterior of punching bags can be made of leather, nylon, vinyl and canvas. Leather bags are considered the most durable.

Bag Weights

Heavy bags come in a variety of weights. Bags weighing 70 pounds or more are recommended for adults, while bags for kids should weigh 25 to 60 pounds.

Heavy Bags are Not the Same as BOBs

Some manufacturers offer body punching bags for sale. This type of bag is designed to look like a human body, and offers the trainee the psychological advantage of being able to envision an opponent while working out. They’re also useful in learning self-defense.

Colors and Designs

You don’t have to settle for black. Go crazy. Bags are available in many colors, even pink.

How Do You Hang a Punching Bag on the Wall?

Prior to purchasing a heavy bag, you need to give careful consideration to how you will mount it. There are several options for mounting a punching bag available to you. The one you choose will depend on space and construction details. Keep the following in mind when considering the best hanger to purchase.

1. Hanging a heavy bag from the ceiling is one option. There are two methods for securing the heavy bag from above, the joist hanger, designed to fasten between two joists, or the beam hanger. Most beam hangers are designed to bolt directly into a ceiling beam, while others are designed to fit around exposed beams.

2. Once you’ve decided on the best mount to use, you should consider two other items to add to the mounting assembly – a swivel and a spring.

3. A heavy bag spring absorbs some of the shock from the bag when struck, reducing stress on the beams. Vibration and noise are reduced as well.

4. A heavy bag swivel will help to keep the mounting chains tangle free during use.

5. If ceiling mounts aren’t feasible, then a wall mount may be the solution. These attach directly to the wall and extend about 30 inches out. Well made steel models can hold up to a 100 pound bag.

6. If structural mounting is out altogether, then something like the Everlast Dual Station Heavy Bag Stand may be the answer. Accommodating both a heavy bag up to 100 pounds and a speed bag, this free standing unit adjusts up to 84 inches in height and has three weight plate pegs for added stability.

Why the Leather Heavy Bag Is King?

A variety of materials are used for the exterior shell of heavy bags. The material most frequently chosen by gyms for its long lasting durability and feel is leather. A simple application of moisturizer from time to time will keep the bag looking like new and prevent drying and cracking. Everlast, perhaps the pre-eminent name in boxing equipment, has an excellent leather heavy bag line.

A Boxing Equipment Icon: The TKO Heavy Bag

TKO, a leader in sports equipment, offers a line of heavy bags suitable for every budget. Their bags come with either vinyl or canvas exteriors and range from 25 pounds to 100 pounds for the traditional hanging bags, and 125 pounds for their Muay Thai heavy bag. A free standing option is also available, adding the convenience of portability and a full body workout to their product line.

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