Why do Boxers Use Mouth Guards?

Do you train in boxing, MMA, or are you thinking of starting? Mixed martial arts covers so many different styles and training techniques, that you’ll inevitably need some MMA gear to help you on your journey.

What is a Boxing Mouth Guard?

A mouth guard is essential to boxing and MMA fighting. A mouthpiece will protect the safety of the teeth, and also help to avoid concussions. Don’t settle for the cheapest mouthpiece available, as it will likely not fit your mouth very well, and will become a nuisance to wear.

Look for a hybrid style mouth guard that is already well formed to the contours of your teeth and mouth. Such items will be similar to the bite and boil style mouthpieces found in most contact sports, but will consist of various materials to help absorb the most punishment when you are sparring or rolling around.

Things to Look For in a Boxing Mouth Guard

Are you wondering if using a mouth guard for boxing is important? If you are an active boxer or know of an active boxer who is not using a mouth guard, then you may as well think twice about it. Using mouth guards during boxing can help prevent injury, correct bad habits such as grinding teeth, improve mouth posture and can increase mouth protection.

If you are doing a research for a mouth guard for boxing and want to learn more about it, you might be surprised by the number of different mouth guards available in the market today. In fact there are more mouth guards for boxing than for any other martial arts.

Breathability and Moisture Permeability

Another feature of a mouth guard that you should look into is breathability and moisture permeability. A good boxing mouth guard should offer excellent breathability, as well as moisture permeability so that it allows your mouth to breathe and cool off. Breathability means that it lets air pass through your mouth and prevents moisture from staying on your tongue, cheeks, and inside of your mouth.

Teeth Protection

On top of breathability and moisture permeability, a good mouthpiece should also have extra protection on your teeth. Guards should not have edges or rough surfaces, which would definitely hurt during any fight. A high-quality boxing mouth guard will have teeth that are perfectly aligned, are straight, and do not move during any fight.

Popular Mouth Guard Brands

Shock Doctor

A popular brand that you may come across while doing research is Shock Doctor. Nxtrind is a long time family name in the sports industry. The Shock Doctor mouth guard comes with a dual layer frame consisting of an outer hard protective layer and a flexible inner core. The sturdy outer frame helps protect your teeth from impact absorption and direct trauma while the flexible inner core helps in maintaining good mouth posture. This is how Shock Doctor guards work.


Another popular brand is the Everlast brand. As you may have guessed, Everlast has been in this business for many decades. What makes them a credible brand is their ability to customize products according to customers specifications. For example, they have created a custom made boxing mouth guard for boxers with a high level of sensitivity to temperature and cold. They also have customized mouthpieces for wrestlers and snorers so that they can provide maximum protection without any problems.

The Cheap But Not So Good Brands

However, there are other brands that offer good but not the best mouthguards. Some brands may give you the protection that you need, but they also have their own disadvantages. Certain mouthpieces are only meant for minimal protection and can easily get out of hand if the opponent decides to pull ahead or throws heavy jabs.

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