Free Standing Heavy Bags and Heavy Bag Stands

Sometimes it’s impractical or undesirable to mount a heavy bag from the ceiling. If you want the bag, but can’t hang it from your ceiling, then a free standing heavy bag or a heavy bag stand may be the answer.

Take a minute to read through this article, and you’ll discover what a free standing heavy bag or a heavy bag stand is, what it can do for you, and why it’s one of the best boxing workout options available today. Once you know how this new exercise equipment can help you get in shape, it won’t take long for you to make sure you pick up one!

What is a Free Standing Heavy Bag?

A free standing heavy bag is a punching bag for boxers or MMA trainees. Instead of being suspended, it has a round base filled with a ballast material, usually sand, gravel, or water. It is easy to move around this bag, and it doesn’t need any wall suspension, for example if the ceiling can’t bear the weight of a hanging bag.

A Few Points to Consider When Choosing a Free Standing Heavy Bag

When choosing a free standing bag, remember these tips:

1. The larger the bag, the greater the strike surface.

2. Freestanding bags have bases which can be filled with sand and/or water. Getting as much sand as possible into the base and then adding water will make the base as heavy as it can be. The heavier the base, the more stable the stand up bag will be.

3. The larger the trainee and the more powerful the punches, the larger and heavier the bag and stand should be.

4. Carpet or a mat underneath the free-standing bag will absorb sound from the inevitable wobble, and will also help to keep the punching bag in place.

5. All heavy bags with stands will move a bit when in use. Rather than attacking the bag from one position, the trainee should circle the bag, always forcing it back to the center. This also aids in developing good lateral movement.

6. Good standing heavy bags are produced by a number of companies. One of the best is the Everflex by Everlast. Specifically designed to minimize movement, its base can hold 220 pounds of sand and water, it adjusts to three different heights, and it has six layers of foam to protect hands.

What is a Heavy Bag Stand?

A heavy bag stand is a steel tubing constructed for a punching bag. It is an alternative for a suspended hanging heavy bag or a free standing bag with the metal construct holding the weight of the bag instead of the wall. It may have multiple stations for a heavy bag or a speed bag or other types of heavy bags.

Using a Heavy Bag Stand When You Can’t Hang Your Boxing Bag

Consider the following tips when using a heavy bag stand:

1. Heavy bag stands don’t take up much room, but you do need to make sure that you can accommodate the stand’s footprint.

2. Some stands are multi-stationed. These stands act as both a heavy bag and a speed bag holder.

3. Some heavy bag stands are equipped with metal pegs at the corners which can accommodate weight plates, adding extra stability to the unit.

4. Most stands are designed with boxing punching bags in mind. If you’re looking for a stand for a Muay Thai heavy bag, make sure you buy one that can accommodate the bag’s extra height and has plenty of room to allow you to kick freely and safely.

5. Purchase heavy bag stands from companies noted for their quality products, such as Everlast, TKO and Ringside.


When you’re searching for a great new way to exercise and challenge your upper body, check out what you can find out about getting one of your very own free standing heavy bags or heavy bag stands. They can be used as regular exercise bags, and as versatile training equipment.

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