Tips for Selecting a Boxing Groin Protector

Boxing is a sport that necessitates protective gear. You will be able to use your boxing hands, elbows, during your training and sparring sessions to protect yourself from getting hurt. This is why it is essential to wear the right protective gear during your training sessions.

Why Do Boxers Wear Groin Protectors?

Boxers and other martial artists wear groin protectors to protect themselves against hits below the belt in the groin area. Some of this hits can be unintentional, others are illegal and intentional. Cup protection is also applied to prevent additional damage to this very sensitive body section.

Where to Find a Groin Protector?

There are several online retailers that sell boxing groin protector. All you have to do is search for the right product type that fits your budget. For instance, if you are just starting out in boxing, then you do not need to spend a lot of money on your protective gear. That is why you need to start with a low profile design. With the low profile design, you are assured that you will be able to get the protection that you need without spending too much.

Flexible Waistband

Another popular design in groin protectors is the stretchable and thin elastic waistband. This design is so flexible that you can easily get the protection that you need. Just make sure that you get the elastic waistband that is specifically designed for use during boxing training or martial arts practice. You should never use the elastic waistbands that are for regular workout.

Groin Protector Designs

There are also many different styles and types of boxing groin protectors that you can choose from. There are some that come with Velcro straps and some that come with the use of the elastic strap. These two options work differently. If you are a serious boxer and you train and compete frequently, then the elastic strap will be more beneficial to you because it is more adjustable and comfortable than the Velcro straps. This will allow you to move freely as you are training or competing.

Groin Protector Cups

Boxing groin protector is available in the form of an elastic strap with a cup. The elastic strap will prevent your groin from being scratched or hit during your practice and sparring sessions. This is perfect if you do not want to get injured. On the other hand, if you are seriously training and competing, then you will want to invest in a high performance groin protector cup.

Groin Protector Materials

Most of the time when you are selecting a boxing groin protector, it is best if you select one that is made from leather. This will give you the ultimate degree of comfort. However, if you do not have much money and you want to get the most protection possible for your lower area, then you will definitely want to consider buying a protective gear that is made from polyester. This will help protect you against any hits that you take during sparring sessions and competitions. These types of products are designed in such a way that they allow you to quickly adjust the strap so that you can feel confident and secure in the equipment.

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